About Grayson Pictures

Grayson Pictures is an independent film distribution and production company, formed in 2010 with the intention of acquiring and distributing the best in genre films from around the world, for release in the UK and EIRE. The main focus will be on potential films from countries that are not truly represented on the international scene.

CURSE is the first release by Grayson Pictures - a horror film set in Singapore. The film had been in development for a number of years, with scriptwriting guru Robert McKee consulting on the film at one point. CURSE tells the chilling tale of a military squad sent to an island to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a group of soldiers. Accidentally disturbing a burial site, they unleash a terrifying supernatural curse.

Grayson Pictures will also broaden its scope by moving into production. A number of films are in different stages of production: NIGHTFALL - blood-draining horror, YAKUZA REBORN - a Japanese gangster epic and UNLICENSED - a dark thriller.